Benchmark Rings


Benchmark Wedding Bands: Powerful Designs For Men Ready For A Change

Once upon a time, men’s wedding bands were a standard wide gold strip without any details. Now, creative jewelry designers such as Benchmark have reinterpreted the men’s old version of a wedding band into original rings enriched with precious stones, textures, and different finishes.

Modern men love to explore wedding band designs. And Benchmark wedding rings complement a man’s image and emphasize his individuality with originality we often don’t see in the design of men’s accessories.

Benchmark creates a sensory experience with bands designed to fit very comfortably while offering finishes and textures that define these pieces' quality with scrupulous attention to detail.

And the best part when it comes to Benchmark’s finishes—the sky’s the limit. Hammered wedding bands, for example, are extra textured and carry a lot of personality. So, if you enjoy rich and intricate bands, this is the one for you.

Sleek finishes revive the spirit of early fine wedding bands with the classic extra polish, but now center cuts and edges that are slightly thicker mark the difference between past and future and impress with a well-balanced result.

Additionally, many men are instantly drawn to wedding bands featuring brushed finishes because of the opportunity to try something new while landing between hammered and sleek finishes.

For the most daring men seeking to add charm and magnetism to every outfit, Benchmark doesn’t disappoint with blended textures and edgy designs, making the designers’ bands especially intriguing.

Shannon’s jewelry buyers have curated a fabulous selection of Benchmark’s cobalt chrome and titanium wedding bands. Choices include matte or shiny bands of simple or combined materials which look urban and modern.

For men who enjoy wedding bands with metal inserts, center cuts, different colors, and patterns, Benchmark’s unusual shapes will make you proud forever.

Fans of great durability will be surprised by Benchmark titanium wedding bands’ lightweight feel, present even with aesthetic curves (no wonder titanium is the metal chosen for aircraft!). The result here has the groomed air of style and status.

If you want a wedding ring with a fantastic design which you hardly remember is there, Benchmark is the designer for you with bands that add a tasteful hint of elegance and confidence to your every look.

Cobalt chrome wedding bands for men are ultra-contemporary and exciting! Extra details acquire an intense glow blended into darker shades, making this one of the favorite metals for men’s accessories.

If you’re looking for something showcasing extreme hardness and strength, cobalt chrome will suit your style perfectly!

Visit Shannon Jewelers in Spring, TX. Our consultants will help you choose comfortable, easy-to-wear, and striking Benchmark wedding bands for men!