A Step-by-step Guide For Picking Out a Gorgeous Engagement Ring

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A Step-by-step Guide For Picking Out a Gorgeous Engagement Ring

A sparkling symbol of your commitment and love, an engagement ring is always an elegant jewelry piece, but it also has much more profound meanings tucked within. So, when the time comes to choose a ring among so many options, it’s normal to get butterflies in your stomach.
But don’t worry. You’re in the right place! This guide will help you navigate the world of engagement rings and find an engagement ring that’s not only beautiful to look at, but also matches your partner’s style and makes them reach for a tissue (for tears of joy, of course).


Choose your engagement ring style

By “style,” we mean the shank of your ring. That’s the part of the design with the most personality
and character because it influences how the center stone looks. We’ll get to diamonds later, but for now,
let’s explore popular engagement ring styles and the reasons to choose each one of them.



This is one of the most iconic engagement ring styles. The design of a solitaire ring is thought specifically to enhance the look of the center diamond. Sheen, elegance, and simplicity—the solitaire has all three. If your partner enjoys sophisticated jewelry that says much in the details, choose this style.

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Straight engagement rings resemble the shape of solitaire rings. The difference is that their shank comes accented with diamonds, guaranteeing the center diamond is highlighted and that it reflects off the ring, resulting in a radiant effect. Consider this style if your partner enjoys sparkly jewelry with lots of class and elegance.

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Besides representing  the past, present, and future of your relationship, three-stone engagement rings have become popular because they allow different stone shapes and even the addition of sapphires framing the center diamond, as seen here. If your partner likes more than one diamond cut and is all about bling and color, this ring style oozes glow from all angles.

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Here’s one of the most romantic engagement rings. The halo engagement ring style has been around since Victorian times and clearly hints at a vintage aura. A row of small diamonds surrounds the center stone, forming a “halo,” which also gives the illusion of a bigger ring. If your partner is a romantic, this style will make them weak at the knees.

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Double Halo

If the halo style packs a punch, the double halo engagement ring creates an even more gorgeous effect, with two rows of small diamonds surrounding the diamond at the center. This style is for those who want a ring which catches a lot of attention and is lovely to look at.

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Free form

Would you like something unconventional? This ring style encompasses the most varied forms and designs. Free-form engagement rings are more exclusive than the classics and power through, season after season, with fresh and creative designs.

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Twisted engagement rings are ultra-modern options that have gained many admirers in recent years because of intricate designs which beg for a closer look. Twisted rings can be accented with diamonds or not, but in either case, the band is always artfully intertwined around itself, representing the bond of your love.

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If your partner loves all things old-fashioned, you might take their breath away with a vintage-inspired engagement ring. The designs within this style impress with carved leaves, flowers, and milgrain patterns, creating what can become a very romantic token of your love.

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Choose the diamond


Diamond color

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Diamond carat

The most notable characteristic of a diamond, the caratage determines how much a diamond weighs, the weight usually ranges from 1 to 5 carats. 


Diamond clarity

This is where we measure the flawlessness of a diamond. In other words, imperfections (blemishes and inclusions) can affect how your diamond shines, and that scale can vary from flawless to included.


Diamond cut

The cut is always applied in order to maximize the light reflection of a diamond, and it ranges from excellent to poor.
Here are the most popular:

Round  Oval  Emerald Princess Cushion Pear Marquise

If you want to explore diamonds’ properties further, we invite you to visit our Diamond Education Page.

Chose the metal color

You can then opt for white, yellow, and rose gold engagement rings, and even platinum is on the table.
Our tip here is to pick out a metal shade you’ve seen your partner wearing before.

Yellow Gold
The most classic gold shade, yellow gold pops against dark skin tones
and always makes vibrant and joyful engagement rings.
White Gold
If your partner enjoys modest jewelry pieces, white gold is beautiful
and enhances the brilliance of diamonds.

Rose Gold
Rose gold is trendy and romantic. Its beautiful blush color has been a favorite among brides to be. The copper added to the alloy to acquire the pink shade isn’t recommended for people with metal allergies, though.
Platinum is an incredibly durable and resistant metal, and one of the purest options if you’re looking for hypoallergenic engagement rings.


Learn more about metals here.

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