Solitaire Engagement Rings in Spring, TX


Solitaire engagement rings in Spring, TX

Getting engaged is a beautiful tradition that sparkles joy. It’s an important step into starting a life together, and the occasion becomes unforgettable with the perfect ring in hands.

For an exceptional proposal, it’s crucial that the engagement ring speaks of your unique journey as a couple. A piece of jewelry that translates the path you’ve been through, and the future you envision.

Trends change and evolve, but solitaire engagement rings remain one of the most timeless ring designs. Also called a prong setting, it features little metal claws that hold the gem in place.

A solitaire engagement ring is an excellent choice if you want a simple, classy design that is also easy to maintain.

At Shannon Jewelers, we have an impeccable selection of solitaire engagement rings. Designed with the utmost care, they are all set in 14K white gold accompanied by a shiny diamond in the center of the band.

If you want to show off as much of the diamond as possible, this is the go-to style. It gives emphasis to this rare gem, making the ring an eye-catching delight.

This Gabriel & Co. solitaire engagement ring has a sharp design. With a clean-cut round diamond and four prongs to secure it in place, it complements the beautifully crafted setting. The band is a work of art on its own, and it only accentuates the charm of the diamond.

Another remarkable design is this Unavelo purity solitaire engagement ring. The round diamond is accommodated in the setting with four duplicated prongs, which gives it great stability and a sleek look. The band has a singular charm with its inner part featuring a copper-like color. A contemporary version of this classic style.

These rings shine with artistry, resulting in authentic and exquisite pieces of jewelry. Whether you like it contemporary or vintage, you can find it at Shannon Jewelers.

Our selection is innovative, but always keeping the classic touch of the solitaire design. It’s a choice that will be an everlasting reminder of a cherished memory.

And finding the perfect ring doesn’t have to be a struggle, we are here for you.

Shannon Jewelers is the top quality go-to jewelry destination in the Spring, TX, area. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, we are ready to guide you through a stress-free experience. We strive to provide you with the best service.

As a family-owned and operated business, Shannon Jewelers is proud to have helped countless couples find the right solitaire engagement ring.

Our jewelry makes your proposal exceptional. The rings we offer are crafted to be as unique as your love and to last a lifetime.

Your story matters to us, and we want to present you with an engagement ring that will reflect all the intimacy, love, and hopes you have.

You can contact us through our phone number (281) 893-1175, or visit us at our showroom in 6710 Spring Stuebner Rd., Suite 710, Spring, TX 77389.

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