Straight Engagement Rings in Spring, TX

Straight Engagement Rings in Spring, Texas

When one thinks of a classic engagement ring, they often have the image of a straight setting in mind. Characterized by a simplicity that honors the focus being on the center stone without added ornamentation, it is usually paired with the similarly minded solitaire cut.

Because of its strong place in jewelry history, it is also a ring-type that is very much prone to personalization. While they still maintain the softness to be classified as a straight engagement ring, below are rings that give the classic a little bit of a contemporary twist.

From the world-renowned New York City-based brother duo behind Gabriel & Co comes this remarkable twist on a classic. A round cut diamond is held together by eight seamless claw prongs. Right beside the center stone on both sides, a horizontal pear cut diamond sits next to a smaller bezel round cut stone.

Here, the 14k White Gold band morphs to the exact shapes of the stones, lining them with beaded filigree. At this point, the band features a set of pave diamond studs that reach the bottom quarter point of the band, where another round cut diamond seals the ornamentation.

On the profile of the band, the four bezel cut outlines clearly define a criss-cross, with diamonds in a channel setting connecting the two on both sides as well as the segment connected to the center stone. What perhaps might be the most glorious feature of this victorian inspired ring, however, would be the details just right below the profile of the center stone.

From a pave diamond studded archway, the center stone blossoms and features intricate leaf shape beading, giving the ring a delightful floral appeal.

Unavelo, a designer that cherishes the unique love shared between two people, uses the strength and passion you share with your partner to create one of a kind designs that are reminiscent of your forever love.

A signature piece, their 14k White Gold Affection Engagement Ring is the perfect band to commemorate your special bond. The simplicity of a round-cut diamond is paired with five diamonds in a bezel setting on both sides of the band.

Around them, a wonderful display of a beaded halo. And on the inside of the band, to honor the private connection you and your partner share, a rare pink diamond in a yellow gold bezel is the Unavelo mark of affection, just for you two to see.

Another exquisite piece, Jay Gilbert of Coast Diamonds has been crafting dazzling engagement rings since 1978, and brings us this gorgeous 14k White Gold band from their Charisma Collection. Set in a gorgeous cathedral setting, four prongs hold up this center stone diamond.

On both sides of the stone, three sets of three diamonds are broken up into ovular segments along with the band. Each segment following the three-stone tradition of the center diamond being the largest, all are placed in a spectacular scalloped setting.

Despite the presence of high ornamentation, the delicacy of the almost braided band does not detract from the focus of the center stone.