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For centuries now, necklaces and pendants have adorned the necks of men and women as a beautiful accessory. They have been popular pieces since the beginning of recorded history. From simple shell and bead necklaces to the more complex designs of ancient Egypt, necklaces and pendants have evolved and today there is a myriad of choices.

With so many ways to wear, plenty of styles to choose from, and countless pendants to add more sparkle, necklaces are versatile and capable of taking any outfit to the next level. Plus, they have certainly remained a time-honored and coveted category.

At Shannon Jewelers, we have a beautiful selection of necklaces and pendants, made with the utmost attention to detail. Our hand-picked selection is gorgeous and unique.

We offer only the very best in quality and design. You can choose from sterling silver, gold, and stainless steel necklaces that come either plain or adorned with diamonds and other gemstones.

Whether you prefer contemporary or vintage-inspired, our choices will warm your heart and complete your look with elegance. Classic or romantic, encrusted with the beauty and symbolism of a precious stone, in any shape you desire, we can turn your dream into reality.

Always a classic, solitaire necklaces are a dazzling way to add sparkle to your attire without being too obvious. If you’re into indulging a little, diamond solitaire necklaces are the go-to choice. But if you’re looking for a pop of color, there is also the possibility of embellishing your necklace with another gemstone pendant. Whatever solitaire style fits your personal taste, you can find it with us!

For those who are into full-on extravagant with a splash of romance, there is a sensational Luvente 14K white gold heart-shaped pendant. What makes this majestic pendant so enthralling is the set of round cut diamonds that decorate it. The diamonds are beautifully nestled all around the pendant, making it an indispensable addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

If you like contemporary designs, we have a gorgeous Gabriel & Co. layered necklace embellished with diamonds. This lovely piece of jewelry is made in 14K yellow gold and it features the perfect combination of style and elegance. It’s a beautiful way to elevate your style.

A true show of craftsmanship, the necklaces, and pendants we offer at Shannon Jewelers will take anyone’s breath away. In any shape, studded with diamonds or plain, made with gold, sterling silver, or stainless steel, our selection has the ideal match waiting for you.

If you’re not sure about which model to choose, we have a friendly and experienced staff ready to assist you through a stress-free experience.

Individual taste, styling, and design matter to us as much as they matter to you. We take our time to listen to you, so we can offer you a piece that represents your story.

Delve into our online display, and whenever you have the time, come visit us at 6710 Spring Stuebner Rd., in Spring, TX. You can also contact us through our telephone number: (281) 893-1175. Either way, we assure you will have a memorable experience.

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