Master Goldsmith and stone setter, Claude DeShazo has a long, exciting relationship with jewelry! He started his jeweler career many years ago as an apprentice in California working for a family-owned jewelry store. There he learned the basics such as polishing stones but he watched and learned all he could and at every turn. Over time he learned to repair solid Gold watches and jewelry, cut opals and more. He moved to Tuscan where he started a family and began doing trade work on his own. He worked with many jewelry stores while being his own boss and raising a family. He attended GIA (Gemological Institute of America) classes and became certified in advanced stone setting and platinum.

In 2008 Claude found himself a single Dad and while visiting family in Houston decided to make Houston his home. He was hired by Shannon Fine Jewelry as their Master Jeweler and Shop Foreman. Fast forward 10 years when Shannon Fine Jewelry owner, Gary Zoet decided to retire. This was a pivotal time for Claude and his wife, Deborah who also worked for years with Gary at Shannon’s. The two of them decided to continue Gary’s legacy and a business they love and purchase the store from Gary! Today they both own Shannon Jewelers in the Grand Parkway Marketplace in Spring, Texas!

Claude loves custom jewelry making! He revels in the design, fabrication and production of a one-of-a-kind piece. If a client has an idea there is a good chance that Claude can make it come to life! He recently had a chance to do just that! A client’s husband was going in for a big surgery. His wife asked for a copy of his EKG (his heartbeat) to keep for herself. He came through the surgery just fine and wanted to do something special for his wife. He brought the print of his heart beat (EKG) in to Shannon Jewelers to see if Claude could replicate it in the form of a diamond necklace.

Original sketch of heartbeat

Claude and the design team came up with 3 versions for the client to choose from. Once chosen the design/sketch hits the jewelers bench to begin the process.

Claude at Jeweler Bench

 The design is then cast in Gold, seen here in its raw, unfinished state along with another custom piece in the works.

Cast in Gold

The diamonds are added/set and the design is buffed to a brilliant shine. At that point the chain is soldered in place and the finished piece is then sent to our quality control department for final inspection. If it passes all the “tests” then it is brought back to your sales person to get it ready for delivery!

Jewelry is buffed to shine

The heartbeat (EKG) necklace is completed. The husband presents this very special piece to his wife for her to treasure and remember him by forever.

final look at necklace

 If you have an idea for a custom piece of jewelry, bring it in and together, we will see what’s possible!