Who is Albert you ask? Well, let us begin!

When you visit Shannon Jewelers there’s a good chance you will meet and be greeted by Albert. He is a distinguished looking gent, kind and seemingly soft spoken. Don’t let his “at first glance” persona fool you. He is a fine jewelry guru, a customer service wizard and a walking dictionary when it comes to Gold, Diamonds, Gem stones and jewelry in general. Albert Ibanez has been in the jewelry industry for 39 years. His Sales Manager title doesn’t seem to cover or describe his lifetime of experience and natural charm. Albert loves the “human” part of Jewelry sales. “I pride myself on helping customers fulfill their wants and needs. I educate them so they can make the final decision. I am not a high pressure salesman, that’s not who I am!” says Albert.

Albert with Customer

(Albert enjoying a customer interaction)

When asked what Albert does not like about the jewelry industry today, he responded, “I find that everything is price driven and that produces a lack of quality in some jewelry designs. I also see customer service falling short.” He said. What Albert loves about working with Deborah and Claude DeShazo, owners of Shannon Jewelers is that they are very involved with their business. “Debbie is on the sales floor and Claude is at the Jewelers Bench.” Says Albert. He shared the importance of owner involvement and appreciates it!

Claude and Debbie and Albert

(Albert with Shannon Jewelers Owners, Claude and Debbie DeShazo)

Albert doesn’t just “sell” jewelry, he likes to wear it! You can often find himwearing a watch, ring and bracelet but his jewelry “love” is his Rolex! He said when he was younger, if you owned a Rolex it meant that you made it. He was finally able to purchase one and says it’s the one piece of jewelry he will own for the rest of his life.

When asked to share 3 things that he has learned about himself working 39 years in the jewelry industry. He replied, “I’ve learned that I am patient, organized and a constant learner.” “I’ll probably be doing this until the day I die!” says Albert.

Albert delighted in sharing a story with us.

“Years ago I had a customer that fell on hard times and would come in to the store with piles/handfuls of broken gold chains and jewelry. She needed the money badly, it broke my heart. One day she came in to the store with a piece of jewelry she had found lying in a parking lot. She assumed the stone in the necklace was CZ (Cubic Zirconia.) She was hoping to get a few dollars for it because she had been to another jewelry store that told her it was CZ and offered her a small amount of money. I tested the stone and it was a 3 carat, real Diamond! Not only that, it was worth a lot of money! Once I told the customer that we could buy it from she began to cry and to tell me that she will now be able to pay her bills and that it was more than she made in a year!”

After 39 years in the business this was the story that came to his mind. For me, this further drove home the fact that Albert loves the “human” part of jewelry sales.

 (Albert with Client, Christina Wells of America's Got Talent)