At Shannon Jewelers we like to say, Jewelry has a journey…where will you take yours? Needless to say, our client Ali’s jewelry has been on quite a journey and she’s allowed us to share it with you!

“I’ve always been creative and known exactly what I want!” said Ali. When she got engaged Ali began sketching out her dream wedding band andgave that sketch to her husband to take with him on a trip to Dubai. “I researched how Diamonds were set and designed it to go with my engagement ring-White Gold, simple.” she said. With sketch in hand her husband researched the Gold market in Dubai and quickly turned Ali’s Diamond wedding band sketch into a reality.

Original Wedding Band SketchAs time went on Ali became a Mother of two beautiful children and her lifestyle began to change as well as her taste and style. She still loved her custom Diamond wedding band but it began to feel a bit big for her finger. Ali had an idea and once again began to sketch! She wanted to transform her special ring into three rings. This way she could stack them now and one day gift them separately to her Son and Daughter.

Now to find a jeweler that could transform her sketch into reality once again. Well, she didn’t have to go all the way to Dubai this time around…enter Shannon Jewelers and our Goldsmith, Owner, Claude DeShazo. They met and began their interview and creative process of bringing Ali’s sketch to life. We are pleased to share a behind the scenes “journey” of Ali’s “reinvented” Diamond wedding bands.

new sketch and prep

Left to Right: Original ring is examined and designs are made, Diamonds are carefully recorded, Diamonds are cleaned, measured, and weighed, wax blank is chosen.

waxes are carved

Left to Right: Waxes are hand-carved, waxes are finished, Sprued up, then in the oven. *Sprued up the tree*

vacuum casting

Left to Right: Melting the Gold, Vacuum casting, finished casting, setting stones.


Left to Right: Pre-polish, final polish, finished pieces, three rings on our happy client Ali.

Before and After

Top: Original Diamond Wedding band with Engagement ring and Bottom: “New” set of three Diamond Wedding bands. We feel honored that Ali allowed us to be part of her Jewelry Journey! If you have a custom jewelry design in mind let us assist you in turning that design into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!